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Learning to Knit;Needles,Yarn & Resources#1

Knitting.LionsYarn.MetalNeedle.April2018One of my crafts students asked if I knew how to to knit I said,”No.” My own words came back to me, “Well, you always say we art smart enough to figure it out.”  I started researching websites, asking friends and family. My friend showed me how to cast on with what was called the the long tail method.  I also watched videos from Sheep & Stitch on this method. It took me a couple of hours to get the hang of it. I also found through research there are many methods to cast on. New Stitch a Day had a completely different method that my student preferred. As a beginner, I have liked the 10 inch long metal needles that are are 11-13 mm wide for my first project. I also liked the thick and quick yarn by Lions Brand. The two combine let me see my progress quicker. In my opinion, they are easier to handle for a beginner. I was thinking the first project would be a scarf, it has gone very slowly to create the 12-14 inches you see from the one skein of yarn so far. I would estimate I have about 8 hours into this piece so far. I finding the work cathartic and satisfying. Hopefully, these resources will save you time if you decide to venture into knitting.