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Colored Pencil Brands Tested for School & Play

Colored Pencils tested for school and play

When your going back to school, starting an art project or doing some adult coloring choosing the right materials is necessary. I often get the question as an Art Teacher, “Why is one colored pencil more expensive than another?” I tested four common colored pencil brands used for coloring and drawing that have a range of prices. I chose Crayola, Prang, Staedtler, and Prisma color. The cost of the pencils depends on how much pigment plus the quality of the wax medium is in the pencil. You will see the difference between student grade pencils and artist grade pencils. The differences show through in color hues and how the colored pencils blend without a colored pencil blender. You will need to decide if the 12 pencils for $3.99 for Crayola fits your needs or you want to spend more on the Prisma color pencils at $15.99 for 12 pencils.