How to create Three-Dimensional Shapes with Colored Pencils

Colored Pencil Blending with Geometric Shape & Shading

Colored Pencil Techniques with Geometric shapes & Shading-Draw your circle and use your favorite darker color to follow the contour of the circle. This is called contour hatching. Use heavier stroke pressure as you go towards the shadow. Then blend with a colorless pencil blender. Use a sand eraser for the reflected light between the cast shadow and the shadow. Check out the video below for a demonstration of this technique.

After blending with colorless pencil blender

How to use a Colored Pencil Blender

For this tutorial, I used mixed media drawing paper, Prisma colored pencils and the Prisma colored pencil blenders. Have fun and experiment with different brands or colored pencils and color pencil blenders.

The purpose of a colored pencil blender is to take two of your colored pencils and make them look smoother as well as mix the two colors. So the yellow and orange combine to make a beautiful yellow-orange. You could use this in drawing a sunset or a piece of fruit.

How to Use a Colored Pencil Burnisher

The purpose of a colored pencil burnisher is to give your colored pencils a shine. It also makes them look smoother but not as good in my opinion, as the colored pencil blender. ]

For this tutorial, I used mixed media drawing paper, Prisma colored pencils and the Derwent burnisher for colored pencils. Have fun and experiment with different brands or colored pencils and color pencil burnishers.

How to use a Full Blender with Colored Pencils

How to Draw an Elelephant from Basic Shapes

My Monster Doodle

My version of a monster doodle. I started by tracing the bottom of my water bottle & the cap for the eyes and improvised the rest. I would love to see any artwork you try inspired from this video. Please, share the video. Sharing my art, art lessons and (virtual) art teaching is one way I feel I can give back. Follow me on YouTube for more art videos.

Chickadee Doodle

This tutorial shows you how to draw a chickadee from basic shapes. You can make it your own by adding color with markers or colored pencils. You can also mix media by outlining in marker and adding textures with your colored pencils. I am using the time in self-quartine to practice my skills. I did not learn to draw until I decided to become an art teacher at the age of 30. I hope to inspire you to do the same. My art classes have switched to art history and it is all written prompts. I like to try to balance my online time with offline activities.

Hand Lettering Part #1

Hand lettering is one of my favorite things to draw. My background is in photography and graphic design so my love of lettering is an extension of that creative niche. This video will give you tips and tricks on how to draw your own hand letters with paper and pencil.

Hand Lettering Part #2

This is a continuation to give you ideas on how to fill your hand lettering with the art elements and design principles. I used color and shape, plus pattern to fill my letter R. I also show you options for colored pencil blending with white colored pencil.

HandLettering Words, Part #1

In this video, I show you how to build on hand lettering to sketch out an entire word. You will need a ruler, paper, pencil, and an eraser. I would keep it simple and pick a positive four-letter word. Print the word first close to the box or baseline in your sketchbook. A baseline is where the text will rest. In the next segment, I will show you the finished product.