Fiber Arts

Miniature Weaving

You will need the following materials; Cardboard, string, a variety of yarn, a plastic needle or popsicle stick, ruler, pencil, eraser, and scissors.

Cut the cardboard to 5×7 or larger. Measure and mark so your cuts will be even across the top and bottom of the cardboard. I used one inch across both sides. Use the scissors to cut notches where you have marked across the top and bottom of the cardboard. You will need to tape the string at the back and wrap it around and through the notches from front to back. Tape the end of the string at the back. The string from top to bottom ar called the warp. You can tie on the yarn to the first warp string or hold it in place at about a half-inch from the bottom of the cardboard. Start weaving over and under the strings. The yarn going from right to left is called the weft. Take care not to pull too hard, it will make the warp strings pucker. When you come to the last warp string you will need to go back around. Weave until you have about 3-4 inches left, you can tie this end on or weave it in vertically. Continue in his manner until you come to the other end at about a half-inch to an inch from the end of the cardboard. Cut your warp strings t the middle back of the board and tie them together t the top. You can now tie the strings to a dowel rod and you have a mini weaving to hang on the wall.